SAD asks Capt Amarinder to admit mistake and apologize to Jallianwala martyrs


The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) today asked chief minister Capt Amarinder Singh to own up his mistake and apologize for insulting the martyrs of Jallianwala by boycotting the national level commemorative function held at Amritsar to pay homage to them and stop trying to find scapegoats for his own failure as a chief minister.

In a statement, senior SAD leader and party MP Balwinder Singh Bhunder said, “the chief minister should act gracefully and apologize to the martyr families instead of ranting and raving when questioned as to why he refused to attend the national function at Jallianwala Bagh and why he politicized the solemn occasion by attending a separate Pradesh Congress show”.

Bhunder also requested the chief minister not to mislead Punjabis as well as the Sikh community by accusing the centre of discriminating against them, when everyone knew the truth was otherwise.

“You know for a fact that the Congress has always discriminated against the Sikh community. You have been consistently defending the butcher of Delhi – Jagdish Tytler. It does not behove you to talk about discrimination”.

The Akali MP said Amarinder was also bizarrely trying to twist reality by accusing the centre of taking credit for the Kartarpur Corridor. “Are you trying to say that you opened the Kartarpur Corridor?”

Bhundur asked Capt Amarinder adding “Why are you mouthing lies? The Kartarpur Corridor was opened by the NDA government and it is a national project funded by the centre? What is your role in it?”

Bhunder said the centre was celebrating the 550th Parkash Parv of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji in an unprecedented manner with the upgradation of the Sultanpur Lodhi railway station, creation of “Pind Baba Nanak Da” heritage village and establishing Centre for Inter Faith Studies at GND University besides other measures.

Bhunder also asked the CM to specify about his agenda for Punjab rather than questioning the NDA’s agenda which was positive and had resulted in delivery of airports, roads and institutions like AIIMS.

“You on your part promised a complete loan waiver to farmers, jobs to all unemployed youth as well as unemployment allowance and increase in social welfare benefits. You failed to deliver on any of these promises”.

Bhunder said Capt Amarinder had failed abysmally on politics account. “People will judge you by your performance. You will have to account to the farm suicide victim families whom you backstabbed. To the youth whom you have fooled. To the old and infirm who are not getting social welfare benefits. These people will decide your future soon”, Bhunder added. 


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