CSIR-CSIO conducts Scientist Student connect program


Chandigarh: CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation organized a workshop for physics and chemistry teachers.

This event is being organized under CSIR Scientist-Student connect scheme and aims to provide practical demonstration of physics and chemistry concepts to teachers so that they can use such demonstration to explain the concept to their students.

The main idea of this workshop was hands-on sessions which is based on doing in learning approach.

Hands on sessions were covered on physics topics such as finding wavelength of laser, reflection grating, beam splitter, thin film interference, Capacitance, characterization of electric component, current changes in the SI system, optical fiber, transmission of EM waves, doppler effect, etc.

Likewise, practical demonstrations were made on hydrogen production from water, Daniel cell, Le Chatelier principle, Chemical Bonding, Dialysis, Polymerization, etc. These activities were demonstrated by CSIO scientists, IEEE and OSA student chapters.

Prof R. K. Sinha, Director CSIO stated that class teaching boundary is increasing and teachers should create interest amongst students about science. They should teach concepts beyond boundaries stating examples of Snell's law, Coulomb's law, etc.

He also emphasized that these days competition is not restricted to curriculum, we need collective efforts for new technological revolution. The workshop was attended by more than 100 teachers of Punjab Schools.


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