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Gehlot calls for cabinet meeting, likely to forward Governor's 6 points

After a meeting of the cabinet last night, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had again called for a cabinet meeting at 11:30 am at his residence. The meeting has now been postponed till 12:30 pm. 

They will send a revised proposal to Governor Kalraj Mishra requesting him to convene a Assembly session. The cabinet is likely to forward the answers of Governor's six points raised among them after the meeting.
Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and his camp is facing a crises because of Congress rebel leaders MLAs led by Sachin Pilot. Here are the Governor's six points;
1. Cabinet note doesn’t mention date from which the session is proposed to be called.
2. Cabinet note doesn’t explain why the session is being called at such short notice and what’s the agenda? Normally a 21-day notice is mandatory to call a session.

3. What’s the justification to call a session to prove majority when the state government already has the majority?

4. Governor has directed the government to consider pending SC proceedings involving some MLAs and also provide details of COVID safety norms the state will implement for the session.

 5. Governor has directed the state government to assure the provision of arrangements for independent movement of all MLAs for the session.
6. Raj Bhavan has asked the government to ensure everything is done within the constitutional remit.